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Everybody say china Blog guy, now that the election is over i hope you not going to stop your advice for those of us who want to break into news.I memorized your stuff on shooting stwd luggage, shoes, handshakes and stairs, but i wondering when we get to the really dramatic stuff. Ah.You mean giftgiving and folks in chairs. Prom Dresses UK Sure!Who doesn love seeing a whole bunch of folks looking straight at the camera?This shot has 11 people, but ideally you should have at least 20.A good place to go for guidance on this kind of shot is your high school yearbook.Look up photos of the student council, and study them. Oh.And what did you say about gifts? Well, next to handshaking, guys giving unspecified presents to each other are always fun to see over and over.Just look at these dudes trying to pass this chunk of whatever it is back and forth.Now that the human condition, right there! Earn college credit in your spare time.Join the oddly enough blog network! Below:Chen yunlin receives a gift from ma Short Wedding Dresses yingjeou, november 6, 2008. More oddly enough Boston homeless man finds bag stuffed with cash, turns it inman shot in russia in argument over kantuk government tax adviser quits after giving avoidance tipsgreece scraps extra holiday for civil servants using computersonearmed clapper, parboiled shrew earn ig nobel spoof awards


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